Optakt: Tottenham - West Bromwich

Tottenham - West Bromwich

Lørdag d. 14 kl. 13.30

White Hart Lane

Kampen vises på 6’eren, Dplay og Viaplay.


Med 6 sejre i træk, i alle turneringer, er Tottenham og en 3. plads ser det lige nu rigtig godt ud for Tottenham. På papiret bør dagens kamp mod West Bromwich også være en must-win kamp - så let er det dog ikke altid.

West Bromwich har givet, og kan altid give alle problemer. Med Tony Pulis på sidelinjen er det, som vi kender Pulis, vel organiserede. Udover dette har West Bromwich haft en ganske fin sæson, hvor de pt. ligger nr. 8, og samtidig har de vundet deres to seneste Premier League kamp som var mod Hull og Southampton.


Men med Tottenham’s stime og en mulighed for at udbygge den til 7 sejre i træk. Samtidig har Tottenham blot lukket 5 mål ind på White Hart Lane, det færreste antal i Premier League. Der er lagt op til en spændende kamp - hvor vi må forvente et stort overtag i boldbesiddelse til Tottenham. West Bromwich har, i deres 20 Premier League kampe haft under 50% boldbesiddelse, og kender man Tony Pulis ved man også, at det ikke er dét han går op i. De to hold spillede 1-1 i sidste sæson.


Pochettino’s preview:

Mauricio on the challenge of defeating West Brom 

“Every team is difficult to beat in the Premier League. It’s true, West Brom are doing well, they are having a fantastic season and it will be tough to beat them but we are ready to compete. Every season is different and every game is different. For us, the past is the past and we don’t care about that, we’re focused on trying to win this game. For us to get the three points would be fantastic for us and key to being able to fight for big things at the end of the season.”

On deciding his starting line-up 

“It’s important for us to be competitive to increase our level. For me, it’s not just about 11 players, it is 25 players and we need to behave like a team. My decisions are always tough, picking one player or another and only (having) the possibility to select 11 and seven more on the bench. That’s always tough but it’s about competition, about trying to put a competitive team on the pitch and then if we win, it will be about the squad. I don’t change my mind for those decisions.”

Does your background as a player help you to understand the lads’ desire to be involved? 

“Yes, we try to put ourselves in their position and try to be fair. The problem is that it’s difficult to be fair with them all but being professional means being ready and then if you play or don’t play, that’s the manager’s decision. Maybe you are disappointed because you believe you can play but that is football and if you behave well and are always professional, football will always reward you.”


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